7 New Year Travel Resolutions for Keeps

Another New Year, another chance to tick off your travel bucket list. Satisfying our desires to jet set around the globe can be tricky when you’ve already got a full calendar of commitments throughout the year, but the following 10 tips prove that there are cheaper, cleverer and more fulfilling ways to make the most of your paths trodden, wherever they may be.


1.       Holiday closer to home

We’re all guilty of overlooking beautiful landscapes that are just a stone’s throw away. We enjoy living and working in one of the best corners of the UK by the South East coastline so we know that there are so many pursuits to enjoy closer to home. Go glamping, go sailing, take a cycling holiday, fill up your photo albums, party at a festival - just remember that there’s a comfortable ride waiting for you at the end of it all.

2.       Talk to the locals

Get out your pocket word books and head out into the streets to talk to the locals: the best tour guides you’ll meet. A culture is more than architecture, food, attractions and natural wonders, it’s the great people that live and work there, too. You’ll get to know the best restaurants to head to, the hidden gems that so many overlook; and you may make a friend or two along the way.

3.       Plan less

We make sure that we take the hassle out of the trip to the airport, so why not continue your whole holiday stress-free by going with the flow and allowing yourself to savour the scenery without a schedule? Even if you set aside an itinerary-free day to head in one direction for 12 hours and not look back, it’s worth doing to discover so much more.

4.       Go with an open mind

Travel is all about expanding your horizons, but often prejudgements about a certain place can hinder our experiences. Luckily, information about every corner of the globe is at our fingertips, with plenty of guides and insights to guide our journeys. Most of the time, people will tell you that their city is basically like anywhere else: there are good bits and there are bad bits. Do your research then head out to those ‘good bits’ because you won’t regret it.

5.       Travel with your best friend

Share brilliant memories with the person who knows you best, who you can be comfortable around after a 10-hour cross-country train journey, who may have different tastes but will always appreciate that you do too. It’s easy to lose touch with friends we don’t see every day but make 2017 the year that you both make the effort.

6.       Remember to document your trip

It’s so important to live in the moment, but the treasures we see and the cultures we experience ought to be documented to flick back on years later. So don’t be embarrassed about whipping out your camera for a cheeky snap or 100, as taking more holiday snaps is definitely a good habit to take up.

7.       Go further

We all have a list of tried and tested places that we love to visit, but if you’re stuck in a travel rut, try to proactively spread your wings to explore pastures new. There are plenty of weird and wonderful delights in this world to savour, so go on, hop in and enjoy the ride!


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