Our top tips for stress-free air travel with family

Air travel can be enjoyable and stressful in equal measure. While it is the most popular way to get around the globe, travelling by plane does require a bit of planning to avoid stressful situations. Here at Taxi Brighton, we are specialists in ferrying our customers to some of the biggest airports in the UK. As airport taxi experts with years of experience, we know which planning tips to follow for a great trip abroad. Create a seamless holiday travel experience by following these top tips.

Get Your Documents in Order

Check in advance that your passports, vaccinations, travel insurance and other documents are up to date and either packed or in one place. If you plan to hire a car in your holiday destination, remember to check which type of travel insurance you need beforehand.

Sort out Transportation

Take the hassle out of holiday travel with Taxi Brighton. While others are driving around huge airport car parks to find a space, you can cruise to your chosen terminal in style and with plenty of time to spare. With a fleet of 225 cars, Taxi Brighton is well equipped to handle a surge in callouts during this peak time of the year. Download our handy app to book on the go.

Prepare for Security

After a long wait in a queue at airport security, the last thing you need is to be told to unpack your entire bag because you haven’t prepared liquids, metal items and electrical kit. Organise all liquids into 100ml containers the night before and place metal and electrical goods into separate bags for ease of access. Alternatively, you may wish to pick up a few flight-friendly toiletries from shops at the airport.

Entertainment on Standby

Airport waiting times tend to be longer during peak times, such as Christmas! If you’re travelling with kids, keep them entertained during the journey with their favourite toys and games. Colouring books, story books and DVDs are all good options. Charge up electrical equipment the night before to avoid mid-flight disappointment. 

Print out travel maps

A good ol’ fashioned paper print out will help you navigate around a new place with no Wi-Fi. While there are some great travel apps around (see below), maps to your hotel and places of interest can be easily stuffed into your bag quickly.

Stay Connected

Staying connected anywhere at any time is easier than ever. From smartphones with hundreds of apps to laptops and tablets, today’s range of electrical gizmos will keep you up to date with the latest goings on. However, all that technology could quickly become useless without the right equipment to keep it all charged up. Invest in a reliable universal charger if you’re not sure which adaptors and plugs to buy.

Travel Apps

Thousands of travel apps are now available for a range of models. These applications, which can be bought online at a reasonable price, can prove to be invaluable during every part of your journey. We recommend FlightTrack for keeping up to date with the status of your flight, the Sunscreen app which lets you know when your skin is due for a protection top up and TravelSafe Pro for looking up emergency numbers in a foreign country.

Pack Wisely

Packing light for a holiday isn’t easy, especially if you have presents for friends in family in tow. Rather than hurriedly buying less-than-perfect gifts at the airport, check to see if you can ship gifts overseas separately. Although baggage problems are few and far between, prepare for long waits and potential issues by taking a full carry-on bag onto the aeroplane with you. After you have taken care of the little bits and bobs in your bags, it’s time to address your clothes. Cut down unnecessary items to avoid extra baggage charges and hassle.


Leave your holiday travel in the capable hands of our CRB-checked drivers. We are the only company in Sussex to have been awarded the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and we pride ourselves on our personal approach and high levels of customer service. Find out more by either calling us on 01273 585855 or visiting our homepage.