6 cheap ways to spend your travel money

Money is money, right? Wrong! You can either get bang for your buck overseas, or waste cash with every transaction. So before you jet off, pack these money-saving tips along with you for the ride.

 1)      Choose a specialist credit card to use every time you go abroad. There are plenty of travel card guides online, but we like this comprehensive version provided by MoneySavingExpert.com. A top tip: whatever you spend, always repay it IN FULL to minimise rep APRs.

2)      If you choose to take cash with you, find the best deal before you go then set a budget so you won’t be left out of pocket by the end of the trip. Exchange rates differ all the time, particularly this year, so take a look at today’s best exchange rates for Euros.

3)      Always pay in the local currency. When you go abroad, you’ll often have the option to choose your preferred currency. It’s tempting to choose to pay in sterling as that’s what we’re familiar with, but by selecting pounds, you’ll be paying a GBP exchange rate set by a local provider which tends to be much higher than the rate set by your own bank.

4)      Exchange cash in advance, don’t leave it until you get to the airport!  Research by FairFX last year revealed that travellers were forking out up to £320 more for every £1000 exchanged simply because they did so at the airport!

5)      Last year, UK holidaymakers accumulated more than £660m of international currency in our homes. Simply sticking any leftover cash in a drawer is an easy way to ignore the fact that we may have overspent, but the brighter way to solve the problem is to change the money back into pounds again to spend on a post-holiday treat.

6)      Spending some of your cash on travel insurance before you leave is a wise investment. Insurance covers unexpected events, for example medical costs for an illness or injury or a financial problem with your tour operator or travel line which cuts your holiday short. Prepare for the unexpected for peace of mind.


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