The most expensive airport parking fees in the UK revealed

This October, the RAC slammed ‘eye-watering’ drop-off and pick-up parking fees at some of the UK’s biggest airports, after its own research revealed that 8 in 20 have increased prices yet again.

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We use the term ‘parking’ very loosely, as simply pulling up for less than five minutes and staying in your car can land you with an unexpected ticket.

Whether you’re parking for several weeks or dropping off a loved one at the airport, no traveller is immune to inconvenient and arguably unfair prices, some of which have skyrocketed by 100% in recent years.

The study, conducted by the RAC, criticised airports for penalising drivers with sky-high drop-off and pick-up prices, particularly in places which lack viable alternative public transport options:

“This year many airports have increased the already sky-high prices they charge for short-stay parking near their departure and arrival terminals, making a good deed a costly experience.” RAC spokesman, Simon Williams

The best drop-off fees in the UK

There are a few airports around the UK which deserve special mention for offering free drop-off parking by terminals: London Heathrow, London Gatwick, London City, Cardiff, Manchester, Belfast City and Jersey.

The most expensive airport fees: picking up passengers

·         London Luton - £7 for 40 minutes

·         London Stanstead - £5 for 30 minutes                                    

·         Birmingham - £4.90 for 60 minutes

The most expensive airport fees: dropping off passengers

·         London Stanstead - £3.50 for 10 minutes

·         London Luton - £3 for 10 minutes

·         Liverpool John Lennon - £3 for 20 minutes

Take the hassle out of air travel

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