How to speed through airport security: 5 tips

When it comes to gliding through airport security, it’s not so much about what you do as it is about what you don’t. Security is notoriously tight on departure and arrival, no matter where you travel. It’s crucial, therefore, that you have all the tips you need before you pack your bags and set off to the airport.

airport secuirty.jpg

DON’T exceed 3.4 ounces (100 millilitres) of any liquid

There has been a strict liquid limit for carry-on bags since 2006, so most fliers know the drill. However, plenty either still turn up to security with full-sized bottles of styling products, shampoo and perfume, or don’t know the few exceptions to the rule. These include baby formula, breast milk and medications.

DO ensure travel items are easily accessible

If you do decide to take travel bottles in your carry-on bag, pack these last. If security needs to chuck them in the bin for whatever reason, they are at the top rather than stuffed down at the bottom.

DO have your passport and boarding pass ready

There’s nothing worse than rooting around for your passport and boarding pass in a big bag at the last minute. To ensure a smooth and stress-free flight, preparation is key.

DON’T wait to get rid of metallic items

Rid yourself of any metallic items – watches, jewellery, belts – in the queue rather than wait until you reach the security barrier. Again, you’ll enjoy a stress-free security check and passengers behind you will also appreciate your speedy foresight.

DO wear appropriate footwear

Leave the sandals in your luggage if you want to avoid dirty feet…or worse. If it’s too hot to wear boots or even trainers, have a pair of lightweight socks ready in your pocket to slip on.

DON’T joke around!

Apparently, it’s impossible for a select few to exercise a bit of common sense in front of airport security, and we can all learn from these cautionary tales. Whatever you do, don’t mention anything that might get you into trouble. It’s not illegal to make jokes about national security, but people have trodden the line too far and landed themselves in jail.

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