Can you score 13 out of 13 in our airports and aviation quiz?

How much information have you soaked up on your travels across the skies? Are you a casual air passenger or aviation expert? Take our fun quiz to find out.


  1. How big is Gatwick Airport?
  2. How many passengers flew via Gatwick in its first year, to the nearest 10,000?
  3. How many passengers flew via Gatwick in 2016, to the nearest million?
  4. What was its top 3 travel destinations in 2016?
  5. What were the most popular ways to travel to Gatwick in 2016?
  6. Which notable award did the airport win in 2012?


  1. How do airlines avoid an outbreak of food poisoning mid-flight?
  2. What is the international flight language, which commercial pilots and traffic controllers MUST know?
  3. What was the original name for JFK Airport in New York?
  4. When was the last commercial flight of Concorde?
  5. How many parts make up a Boeing 747, to the nearest million?
  6. What is a fear of heights called?
  7. What is the world’s largest passenger plane?
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  1. Gatwick Airport, the UK’s second-busiest airport after Heathrow, is spread across 8 hectares.
  2. 190,000 passengers passed through its doors in its first year of operation (rounded up).
  3. In 2016, the airport is a host to more than 44 million passengers every year, flying to more destinations than any other airport in the UK.
  4. In 2016, its top destination (based on passenger numbers) was Barcelona, followed by Dublin and Malaga.
  5. 36% of its passengers travelled to the airport by car (hence its crowded and pretty stressful car park) followed by rail (34%) and taxi (15%).
  6. Gatwick Airport was the proud recipient of Loo of the year 2012, for its glistening South Terminal toilets.


  1. To stop the potential spread of food poisoning to the cockpit, most pilots and co-pilots on major airlines eat a different set of meals to their customers on board – thus avoiding the plotline of the classic 80s film, Airplane!
  2. All commercial pilots and air traffic controllers who work on international flights must speak English: the international flight language.
  3. JFK Airport was originally named Idlewild Airport.
  4. The turbojet airliner Concorde was in commercial use until 2003. Another fun fact: Concorde was flown by more astronauts than pilots.
  5. A Boeing 747 is made up of six million individual parts.
  6. Fear of heights is called acrophobia.
  7. The double-decker, four-engine Airbus A380 holds the record for being the world’s largest passenger plane.

There you have it: some interesting but potentially useless fun facts to throw around the office or a pub quiz. If you scored 13 out of 13, you’re officially an aviation expert.