6 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Holiday Booking

Thinking of going on holiday this year? There are various considerations to think about during the booking process. It’s rarely a cheap experience, but there are some industry tips and tricks that can bring down the price substantially.

Book flights off-peak  

Try booking a flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday as these tend to be the cheapest days to travel. But, if you need to travel on a weekend, Saturday is usually the cheaper option.

Flights that leave after 8pm and arrive early in the morning are usually more affordable. The red-eye prices can be difficult to find on some airline sites, so you might need to contact the airlines directly.

Shop in stealth mode

Make sure you’re browsing in an incognito window while searching for the best travel deals. This will prevent sites that use a ticketing system based on popular online searches from accessing your cookies and raising prices.

Search for fares directly from the airline

If you’re using third-party sources like Expedia, be sure to check the cost against a direct listing on the airline website to ensure that a deal or discount is still available. Booking fees from third party sites and deals from airlines don’t always match up.

Be flexible

A tech-savvy way to help you compare costs is to use the Google Flights calendar function in search. This will allow you to compare costs on your intended dates of travel with other days in the same time frame. The tool will highlight the most cost-effective days to travel in green, enabling you to make a clear decision on when to travel, and for how long. 

Check out the seating plan

Before purchasing your flight tickets, check your seats using Seatguru to check how expensive your seat will be based on seat location, comfortability and experience.

Follow on social media

Follow your favourite travel companies on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter as a majority of travel companies release hot deals through their social channels. Don’t hesitate to sign up for travel newsletters or to follow tour companies, airlines, and other travel sites online, too. If you don’t want your inbox and twitter feeds to be bombarded with travel promotions, set up auto forwarding to send holiday mail to a dedicated inbox.


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