Getting to the airport: Public Transport Versus Airport Taxi

When you’ve exhausted all your options for a lift to the airport, the time comes when you have to make a decision: taxi, or public transport? This is not life or death BUT it does warrant some careful consideration none the less. So we’ve pitted the two to a duel using the key components that ultimately influence your decision.


Public transport is convenient if buses/trains are frequent, if there is a stop close to you, if they run an express service to the airport and if they have a good track-record for showing up on time. Ultimately, with trains and buses, you run on their timetable. With taxis, they run on yours. Both are easy to book online or over the phone, though train/bus tickets will require you print out a ticket. Also, if you’re getting a train, you’ll likely have to carry your luggage around with you the entire time, not ideal if you’re a bit of a heavy traveler. This one’s a no-brainer.

Winner: Airport Taxi

Value: Taxi will cost less in a group

Public transport seems like the obvious winner here, but if you’re traveling in a group, an airport taxi can actually work out cheaper than a bus or train. For example, a bus from Brighton to Gatwick will cost around £9 each while an airport taxi with us will cost £39. That’s only a difference of £1 if you’re traveling as a group of four. Another benefit of opting for the taxi is that they pick you up exactly where you are and drop you off exactly where you need to be. Factor in the cost of getting to the station as well as the price of the ticket. If you’re traveling alone, public transport will almost always be your cheapest option. But ultimately, it comes down to what you see as value. Will a taxi save you stress and time? How important are those things to you? If it’s the case of an extra £10 for peace of mind, you might see it as worth the added expense. However, if you value price above all else, you’ll be happier paying less for public transport.

Winner: It depends!


Buses are so comfortable these days…if you’re 4 ft. nothing. Tall people tend to suffer on long bus journeys, so if you’re a bit of a daddy long-legs, and the ride to the airport is more than a 15 minute scoot down the road, you’ll be a lot more comfortable in a taxi. Then, there’s the comfort of riding with one professional stranger as opposed to a 50 or 100. Again, this one depends on the passenger. At one end of the scale, there are those who love people-watching on public transport and on the other end, there’s people who feel physically anxious about strangers staring at them. If you prioritise comfort, an airport taxi is the obvious choice.

Winner: Airport Taxi


When you need a ride to the airport, catching your flight is your main concern. Taxis are not infallible, but they are less likely to break down than a train or bus. And more likely to be on time. In general though, public transport is very reliable. People, however? Not always. Airport taxis give you that flexibility to be a little late packing your suitcase, or to pop into Boots for the sunscreen you forgot to bring.

Winner: Airport Taxi

Obviously, we’ve made it clear who we think wins out, but essentially, it’s about what works for your needs. If you require any special assistance, we’ll do all we can to accommodate you. Just get in touch and we’ll be right back with a response within one working day.